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The Kombuis

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The Kombuis

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—     All-in-one cooking set

—     High efficient rocket stove

—     Durable 304 stainless steel

—     Runs on BIOfuel




We built The Kombuis with one purpose: Integrating the high efficiency of a rocket stove into a compact and complete camping set.
This stove is built solid and out of durable materials.This and the fact it burns on biofuels you find in nature makes this the ideal solution for travelers with no boundaries
This product was made possible by our backers on kickstarter and indiegogo.Here you can see our funding video.


Complete set


304 stainless steel


1.0 kilo / 2.2 pounds


Height: 16 cm (6,3 inch)
Width: 12 cm (4,7inch)


Within the pot and pan the stove is nested.
The 4 parts of the stove are easy to assemble
The base of the stove has a half ashplate and a hole in the side in which the side tube fits. This side tube is kept in place by inserting a slide in to the side tube and the ashplate in the base of the stove. After installing the side tube, the pot stand can be placed againg on top of the stove.

To clean the stove, you let the stove cool down. Once that is done you can dissassamble the stove and shake out all the ashes out of the stove.
For cleaning any carbon build up we would recommend using soap, a soft copper wire brush and a damp cloth or sponge. When storing make sure the stove is dry and kept in a dry place.

Yes, you can take the kombuis with you on an airplane.

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