By Arnaud

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Roasting spit

Foldable and lightweight

The firekorf and its accessories are designed so that all parts can be folded, rolled up or screwed together. Although it is large, it can be packed very compact.

All parts are made of stainless steel, which makes it very durable. It is also designed to make it light without losing structural integrity.


The 4 legged frame is the base of the firekorf.

It is light, strong and very compact.

The frame can be folded together and the legs them self also fold together to a neat package.


The flexable stainless steel wire mesh bag is what makes this fire pit work so well.

It makes it compact but most of all it makes the fire burn well.

The fire gets a lot of oxygen thouth the mesh and the heat off the fire gets gives off in every direction: up, down left and right.


The grill that we have designed for the firekorf fits perfectly into the frame and covers the entire surface.

It is made of stainless steel bars that are connected with a stainless steel wire, making it easy to clean and compact because it can be rolled up.

Roasting spit

To make the outdoor cooking experience complete we have created a roasting spit that screws together and can be mounted on the fire pit. Made out of stainless steel an with a walnut handle, makes this a compact quality piece of kit.

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